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– Inside the Mind of Ricky Ledo (from Tim Cato, SBNation):

“I think I’m, right now, back into my groove,” Ledo told me. “I feel as comfortable as when I was back at Providence and in high school.”

Ledo isn’t the only one who sees it.

“Right now, he’s ready to play in the NBA, where last year he wasn’t,” said Mike Procopio, an assistant coach on the Mavericks Summer League roster.

It’s been a tough year, but Ledo has made up for his lost time. That was the first step. Now what?”

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– What Does Losing Lance Stephenson Mean for the Pacers Offense? (from Tim Sartori,

“With Lance Stephenson having signed with the Charlotte Hornets last week, the already sub-par Indiana Pacers offense is likely going to have to be re-invented. Stephenson was a key component to the drive-and-kick style of play that occasionally yielded great looks, and all his on-/off-court numbers suggest that he was integral to the Pacers’ success last season.

The defense will likely suffer, but not to the degree that the offense potentially could.”

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– Payne Brings Athleticism, Physical Presence To Hawks (from Robby Kalland,

” Hawks first round pick Adreian Payne, who just officially signed with the team, showed plenty of promise during his week of play at Las Vegas Summer League and will look to play his way into the rotation during training camp.

Payne comes into the NBA with a pretty well-polished skill set on both ends of the floor. On offense, he is explosive at the rim and has the shooting touch to spread the floor from the power forward position. The biggest hurdle for him on the offensive end will be adjusting to the speed of the game. He is plenty athletic and quick but had a tendency to rush himself in Summer League, particularly shooting the ball.”

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– Derek Fisher: New York Knicks coach faces an uphill climb (from Taylor Armosino,

Read it here:!bm4PXp

How Carmelo Anthony And The Knicks Will Run The Triangle Offense (from Coach Nick, BBall Breakdown):

View it here:

– A Primer on Cap-Smoothing: the NBA’s BRI Problem (from Aaron McGurie,

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– Exhibit 9 Contracts (from Chuck Myron,

” Several players will sign summer contracts in the weeks ahead, and by definition, those contracts are non-guaranteed. Some of those deals, called Exhibit 9 contracts, will contain even fewer assurances for the player, but teams can only sign players to Exhibit 9′s under specific circumstances.

Standard NBA contracts ensure that if a player is hurt while performing for the team, his salary is guaranteed until he recovers or the end of the season, whichever comes first. Teams can waive Exhibit 9 contracts at any time should the player get hurt and owe a mere $6K.

Since most training camp invitees wind up getting waived before the start of the season, Exhibit 9′s are a vehicle for teams to avoid the sort of situation that befell the Clippers last year, when Maalik Wayns suffered a preseason knee injury. It was a non-guaranteed contract, but not an Exhibit 9, so the Clippers had to carry him on their roster into the regular season”

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And go deeper into NBA analytics at the top humor column of the day (from Chris Bernucca,


1 thought on “Mavs, Pacers, Hawks, Knicks, CBA, Analytics

  1. MKT

    Those articles about cap-smoothing and Exhibit 9 contracts were especially good. How will the NBA handle the expected influx of revenue, which by agreement must be shared with the players, even those on fixed contracts? And I had not even heard of Exhibit 9 contracts before reading that article.


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